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Nadapuram peace call still unheard?

People of Nadapuram are farmers,pravasis, and small number of government staff and professionals.
Many work hard to meet their both ends by doing daily wage works.
The constituency is bigger area and development is far behind in public transportation,communication and internet technology,IT development,higher education,health etc.
They were very popular as tolerant and co-operating people who love and care their neighbors , irrespective of their religion and show sincerity in every action they take up.
They proved their qualities and skills even in the gulf countries.Many showed their caliber in start ups ,co-operative initiatives,self-help groups and many.In charity also Nadapauram people showed their broadness.
Many sheikhs in Arab countries trusted Nadapuram people.’Nadapuram’ restaurants and tea shops in the gulf countries showed their influence and love of their soil.pinnu5
In Nadapuram religious festivals were a matter of harmony and friendliness.
Both Muslim and Hindu neighbors exchanged their commitment ,food varieties and supports during festivals.
Muslim neighborhoods stayed sleepless to get temple offerings like payasams and appams.
Similarly during the time of Muslim festivals Hindu neighborhoods also tasted a wide variety ,Muslim traditional dishes.
No religion was considered when friends, and neighbors were brought in the gulf by each pravasi.

But,gradually political poison damaged the normal nerves of CPI (M) and IUML party workers.It affected many ordinary people who are neither involved in party politics.
Political hidden agenda took a communal shape and political murders also were also used for communal hatred.
Last few years people of Nadapuram lived a life of uncertainty.
Death calls.threats,violence,hartal, etc made life miserable.
During night hours no taxi drives prefer their service to these area.
Night bus services were cancelled.Shops closed down as early .People tried to stay at their homes after sunsets unlike the previous decades.
People belong to Nadapuram constituency were very active even after late evenings to engage in very positive discussions and community works.
Many social collectives,clubs,library movements were active in Nadapuram and near by panchayaths.
Now,you get the last bus at 9.30 pm ,a KSRTC bus to Kaiveli from Vatakara bus stand.Few years back,late night buses and open shops draw a beautiful image of this village.
Now,it is a dark place where common people suffer lot due to numerous backwardness like connectivity,transportation,and cultural uplift.

Long years back Nadapuram was converted into a center of political violence.

It was in late 1980’s Nadapuram showed the sign of intolerance towards rival political parties.
Communist Party of India CPI (M) and Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) fought each other in even silly matter of ego.
The IUML said it was the CPI (M) which began political violence during the time of late A.Kanarana,a fighter for farm laborers.
The rise of gulf-earned money power,unusual disparity between haves and have nots,and radical religious functionaries made this peace loving place into a sensitive location where police vehicles move to and fro,number of hartals, and prohobitory orders.
The rivalry led to many deaths in both camps.
History proved that violence in Nadapuram took out its worst face whenever the Left Democratic Front ruled the state.
Political and governmental influence,releasing of black money to solve criminal cases,unholy nexus between mafia and politics,youth turned criminal brigades,carriers of drugs and liquor,all these matter.

However hard core religious fanatics polarized the party angle into communal propaganda,Many youth trapped under the influence of these fanatics.On the other side,Communist Party of India,CPI(M)stood as rival to the Muslim League.
A Muslim League worker Aslam was killed yesterday at Vellore.He was a third accused in Shibin,a DYFI activist who was stabbed to death last year at the same village.
The court had acquitted all the accused in Shibin murder case.
IUML said it was CPIM behind Aslam murder.
The party district secretary dismissed the charges.

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