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National School athletics meet:updates

Report: Radhika E.K

Photo:Drishya Prakash

Thomaskutty Mathew, an experienced coach and Arjuna award winner shared his thoughts with the CNM. He is very happy to be here in the 61st National Athletic sports meet and is delighted by the enthusiasm in the stadium. The sports meet is being held here in Kerala for the first time after 2009.

He said that the ground support here is very high and thus the participants have their advantages. He expressed his disappointment on how the poor talented children of Kozhikode are unable to participate in such national level meets because of their financial state.

“They cross state level competition but are not entered into the nationals” he said “whereas the students from other states are continuously emerging even if less talented than the Kerala participants.” He has a soft corner for his state and said that he suggested Kozhikode when it was decided that the meet will be held in Kerala.

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