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NDA/NA Exam special trains in Kerala

Following Passenger Special (unreserved)Trains will be operated for the benefit of candidates appearing for the NDA and NA Examinations (National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Exams) as detailed below:

1.The service of Train No. 06105 Kasargod-Thiruvananthapuram Unreserved special will leave Kasargod at 18.30 hours on 5th September 2020 (Saturday) and reach Thiruvananthapuram Central at 05.25 hours on the next day.


    •  Kannur -19.42/19.45 hours 

    • Kozhikode- 20.57 /21.00 hours 

    • Tirur -21.35/ 21.37 hours

    • Shoranur junction- 22.55/ 23.00 hours

    • Thrissur-23.25/23.30 hours


2.The service of Train No. 06106 Thiruvananthapuram Central- Kasaragod Unreserved special will leave Thiruvananthapuram Central at 21.00 hours on 6th September 2020( Sunday) and reach Kasaragod at 07.30 hours on the next day.


    • Thrissur-02.04/02.06 hours

    • Shoranur Junction-02.55/03.00 hours

    •  Tirur- 04.18/04.20 hours

    • Kozhikode 04.55/04.58 hours

    • Kannur 06.12/06.15 hours

3.The service of Train No. 06107 Kasargod- Ernakulam Junction will leave Kasaragod at 21.30 hours on 5th September 2020 (Saturday)and reach Ernakulam Junction at 04.00 hours on the next day.


  •  Kannur- 22.42/22.45 hours

  • Kozhikode 00.07/00.10 hours(6th September 2020)

  • Tirur- 00.48/00.50 hours

  •  Shoranur Junction-01.40/01.45 hours

  • Thrissur-02.22/02.25 hours

4. The service of Train No.06108 Ernakulam Junction -Kasargod unreserved special will leave Ernakulam at 22.35 hours on 6th September 2020(Sunday) and reach Kasaragod at 06.50 hours on the next day.


 Timings(on 7th September 2020)

  • Thrissur-00.52/00.55 hours

  • Shoranur Junction-01.50/02.00 hours

  • Tirur- 02.48/02.50 hours

  • Kozhikode 03.37/03.40 hours

  •  Kannur 05.17/05.20 hours

Note:Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) counters will function at the stoppages to issue tickets.

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