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New Media and reading habits-KLF updates

New Media has changed our reading habits,lot, opined a panel of writers in a discussion at the venue of Kerala Literature Festival (KLF).

Reading has no uniformity today.It is diversified through various reading tools and habits.

New reading diversity is an apt answer for those who allege that reading is dead.

Reading will never die.Instead,its is growing in a variety of means.

For the best reading output,children can be trained since childhood.

Reading should not be confined to books.Digital reading,visual and audio experience also should be utilized in this changed scenario.

Use of digital tools for reading is also equal to the traditional reading.Every sort of reading should be encouraged.

Anand Padmanabahan,Mini Krishnan,Prasanthi Rasthogi,Rubin Dicruse took part in the discussion held at the venue’Aksharam in the second day of the fest being progressed in Kozhikode beach .

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