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New Zealand rated ” COVID-19 resilient country in the world” PM Jecinda speaks out three priorities


Jacinda announces three priorities to keep NZ people safe.She writes an email to her Keralite friend, M.K.Pramod,former Controller of Examinations,Calicut University ,

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With COVID continuing to rage around the world, it will be no surprise that our first priority is keeping New Zealanders safe. As a Bloomberg report revealed this week, thanks to the hard work of the team of five million, New Zealand is currently rated as the most COVID-19 resilient country in the world. We plan to keep it this way by continuing to carefully manage our borders and our quarantine facilities. We’ll also keep up our work to secure effective and free vaccines for New Zealanders, plan for quarantine-free travel zones when it’s safe, and further enhance our contact tracing and testing processes-said Jacinda New Zealand Prime Minister.

Alongside this, we want to take advantage of the headstart our strong health response has given us to accelerate our economic recovery. Our recovery plan is already underway, with free apprenticeships and a record investment in infrastructure supporting jobs around the country. We’re backing our small businesses and exporters so they not only survive the pandemic, but can grow. The next phase of our plan is about leveraging our successful COVID response to position New Zealand as a safe and secure place to trade with and invest in, opening up even more opportunities to grow our economy.

But we need to do more than just respond to the pandemic, and so the third priority for our Government is laying the foundations for a better future. This means tackling some of the hardest issues facing our country: the long-term challenges like housing, child poverty and climate change that are not quickly or easily solved, but that have a real impact on New Zealanders’ lives.

We made good progress on these issues over the past three years, but we know there’s still more to do. We will build on what we’ve already achieved, such as expanding the lunches in schools programme, continuing the overhaul of the welfare system, building even more state houses, and taking the next steps towards a zero-carbon future.

There’s a lot to do, but I’m excited to be getting on with the job. If you’re interested in reading about our plan in more detail, you can find the full speech here or watch it here.


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