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Now Tomato stories go viral

Tomato is a hot item on social media discussion forums since its price hike in recent times. Tomato price has gone up to Rs.60 and 70 per kilogram. One post in WhatsApp group offers some tips to be careful at this time of price hike.”Don’t share the news that you are going to buy tomato. After purchasing tomatoes,don’t go to your home ,alone.If you want to keep it,only use fridges with locking facility.
If you have tomatoes in higher quantity,inform your nearest police station.”one post by a WhatsApp group member goes like this.
Price hike has been always a story of interest among social media users.
Onion price hike in earlier days created thousands of stories.Tomato price has hiked recently.
India is the second largest onion producing country in the world,second to China.The price of tomato  crossed R.80 per kilogram,few days back.
Drought in April /May affected the tomato production,adversely.Southern states are facing severe price hike of vegetables.
In Kerala,coconut,the major agriculture product of the state is facing severe fall in price.Another joke is regarding with the comparison of coconut price and mango price.
“One mango is equal to 3 coconuts”, is one among them.

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