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‘Observe moon;earthquake can be predicted’

P.Sivanunny is ready to reveal the scientific data  in front of the scientists’ community during the upcoming Science Congress. 14 of his 16 predictions on earthquake proved, truth.He has been conducting his independent research since 2007.

It is possible to unearth the reason behind earthquakes if earth’s natural satellite,the Moon is to be followed and studied,said P.Sivanunni, a  long time researcher in this matter.

Pulisery Sivanunni,hailing from Naduvattom near Beypore in Kozhikode said these matters during a press meet at Calicut Press Club,today.

According to Sivanunni’s studies,the Moon is causing earthquakes.

He says a small equipment can be placed on the Moon to study the earth’s orbit well and it is definite to develop a technology to predict the actual reason behind every earthquakes.

Sivanunny had sent emails to Mn-ki-baat ,Prime Minister’s address to the nation,in this regard.He also contacted Kerala chief ministers’ scientific adviser S.M.Dattan  and the Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad,by email .

MC Dattan called him back and inquired all relevant information of Sivanunni’s findings and he showed great interest in this study.

His email was forwarded to Kerala  State Council for Science Technology and Environment director.

He got an oral assurance from Dr Ajith Prabhu,a nodal officer at Kerala Science Council that his study paper can be presented in the upcoming Science Congress.

He has been conducting independent research to reveal the reason behind earthquakes. He had successfully predicted earthquakes in earlier times and most of his predictions proved ,right,giving wonder to many of his friends and supporters.Now,the scientific community has also agreed to hear from him. 

He believes that some external activities,taking place in the outer  space is the reason behind earthquakes.



He has been toiling his effort to reveal all scientific facts behind every earthquakes.He predicted most of the earthquakes by calculating and comparing the Moon’s movements,changes and the possible time.He used scientific data from NASA’s site and made his own method to  predict by using computer technology.

He began his studies in 2007 and many of his friends,well-wishers,some business persons and neighboring community supported him in this mission.

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