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Oscar nominated On Body and Soul screened;RIFFK opens in Kozhikode

The opening movie of the world cinema segment in the Regional International Film Festival,Kozhikode was On Body and Soul.The Hungarian movie, written and directed by  Ildikó Enyedi, gives an experience of  the blend of soul-searching visuals,shot in great landscapes and disturbing scenes of a modern slaughter house. A romantic drama, develops in a much-less pleasant place,slaughter house,ON Body and Soul  tries to move in dream and reality sequences.

Endre and Maria work together in a slaughterhouse and have the same dream every night. They meet as deer in the forest. They realize this during an investigation when a psychologist interrogates everybody at the company where they work. It was a ‘mental hygienic’ test,analyzing dreams .

Endre is the CFO and Maria is the precise quality inspector who has autistic behavior. They are searching for the love that they have found as deer in their dreams, but it is more difficult in real life.

Two people share a dream in which they appear in the same snowy forest, two deer; a stag and doe symbolizes  Endre and Maria.

Loneliness,the activities of subconscious mind are depicted well in this picture.

When they are fed up with the daily routine of a slaughter house,a companionship is developed,gradually,leading to complex love situations.

It won the Golden Bear in the main competition section of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. At Berlin it also won the FIPRESCI Prize and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury.It was selected as the Hungarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film and was nominated for the Oscar at the 90th Academy Awards. Alexandra Borbély won the European Actress award at the European Film Awards for her performance in the film.

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