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Once we find that triggering point from where all this starts, we will tackle cancer just with a single test – Dr. V P Gangadharan

In the fifth edition of Kerala Literature Festival, crowd flowed to Calicut beach to listen to what Mamta Mohandas, the Indian film actress and playback singer who’s also a Cancer survivor has to say about the life as a cancer survivor.
An elaborate talk about the genetic revelations and the advanced technologies and possibilities of the disease, Dr. Gangadharan noted that tobacco, consumption of alcohol and life style are some major reasons of cancers these days. He insisted on saying that we should start the practice of exercising than sending our children to entrance coaching centres. He also said that passive smoking is a threat not only to the smoker, but to the people who inhale the smoke and is a major cause of air pollution.
“ Molecular level of understanding the disease is a great advancement in the field that I even believe that by 2030, we might be able to defeat cancer completely“, quoted saying Dr. Warrier.
Sharing the emotional side as a cancer patient, Mamta appeared very motivating and optimistic about life.  “The future of medicine holds so much promise. Once you’re in this stage, you understand your body, and connect with yourself in a deep level like never before. Respect your body, respect yourself, and live today“, she cheerfully said.
M V Pillai expressed his side of medical field by quoting that Immunotherapy has become such a great advancement that the molecular level understanding is easily possible.

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