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One language; one world ; “Why do we speak for English?”

“Just because it is a global language and its easy to communicate with the whole world if you promote this language.”-said Baba Alexander who travels across the world to promote one language,one world campaign.
He was speaking at Kozhikode town hall on Sunday.
He said nothing will happen to our culture if we promote English.
“It is just practical to think the importance of English.
Globalization is a fact. That’s why we knowingly or unknowingly coming to a common platform.
We want to communicate with different people in the world since the distance has ‘reduced’ thanks to the technology and use of modern gadgets.
If we consider English as a common language,most of our conflicts in the world can be solved.
It will boost our trade,tourism sectors.and economy.
Unscientific way of teaching English is the obstacle in communicating this language.
The Chinese people realized the need of promoting English to increase their trade,globally.”-he said
And,one language and one world theory” would help boosting the concept of humanity.”-he said.
Guru Chemancheri Kunhiraman Nair,novelist U.K.Kumaran,artist Sasikala,Rafeeque Ramadan,Dr.P.A.Lalitha were present.
Baba Alexanders tour in Kerala began from Kasargode and it is moving to Thiruvananthapuram.

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