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P.M. Modi warns Pakistan

Prime Minister Nraendra has warned Pakistan for exporting terrorism .He was addressing a public rally at Kozhikode beach open stage (Mararji Nagar) in connection with the party’s national council meet on Saturday.
The Prime Minister said Pakistan was exporting terrorism when India was exporting software.
Pakistan is the only country in Asia to cultivate terrorism.
The same neighboring country is spreading terrorism in Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
He praised Indian soldiers whose brave defense foiled many attempts of infiltration by Pak terrorists’ in Kashmir.
“Weapons are just toys to our brave jawans.. But,their great weapon is the support of 125 crore Indians.”
The P.M said that India will never forget the URI attack in which 18 soldiers lost their lives.It will never go unpunished.India will give a fitting reply”
Pakistan was stating 1000 years war against India.India is ready to accept their challenge.
“Let us fight a war for development.The war of eradicating poverty “-he said.
“Let us see who will win ?”
P.M.Modi asked the people of Pakistan to realize the Pakistan governments moves.
“The Pak government is fooling its own people in the name of Kashmir.One day,the people will fight against their government.
He asked Pakistan people that the government there could not deal many of their issues.

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