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‘Penpulikal’ (tigresses) come to Kozhikode

Penpulikal (tigresses) who performed Pulikkali first time in the history of Kerala will come to Kozhikode.
Vinaya,Vidya,Sakeena,Rehna are the women panthers who created a history by performing Pulikkali during this year’s Onam celebration in Thrissur.
It is a break through in the male dominated art.
Kozhikode’s Penkoottayma is honouring them under the leadership of K.Ajitha.
Kanjanamala will honour them.The program will be held at Sports Council Hall on October 2 at 10.30 am.
Priyanandan,Dr.Azad,Khadeeja Mumtas,P.Geetha,Sasidharan Clari,Deedi,Dr.Jansi will attend the function.
Jansi’s book Penrashtreeyathinte parisaram’, will be released on the occasion.
Priyanandan will the book by giving first copy to to Dr.Azad.

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