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‘Pinarayi Vijayan govt.violates fundamental rights of people’

Pinarayi  Vijayan government in Kerala is violating basic fundamental rights of people-opined a seminar in Kozhikode on Friday. A massive defense movement is needed in Kerala to fight fascism in government.

Social activist K.M.Shajahan inaugurated the seminar at K.P.Kesava Menon Hall.

He said that anybody can be imprisoned in Kerala,any time.A Democle’s sword is hanging on in the form of a fascist government.The only reason for my arrest is my exposure of Lavlin corruption case against Pinarayi Vijayan. I have documents to prove this claim-Shajahan said.

“I don’t have any personal hatred against  Pinarayi Vijayan. But,I have exact awareness of his involvement in the corruption case. We need strong protest against such a move by the government.It is a tough situation.We have to take non-traditional measures too”-said the former secretary of V.S.Achuthanandan.

Shajahan was arrested and imprisoned for one week during the strike of Jishnu’s family in front of the DGP office in Thiruvananthapuram,recently.

All the cases are weak and non-existent.It was an illegal detention.They charged me 353 IPC, non-bailable case.What was the assault I  have made against the officials ? 

Another charge was 120 B;conspiracy.What was the conspiracy I did?he asked.The police behaved very rudely.If this is the police behavior to a visible person,what would be the situation of common man?Shajahan asked.

It is the naked violation of the fundamental rights of citizen,provided by the Indian Constitution Article 21.I didn’t get a  consideration,even hard core criminals get.

The confinement was really painful.I overcame those situation by reading books for my LLB examination-he said.Poet K.C.Umesh Babu said that Pinarayi Vijayan is practicing  absolute government rule in Kerala. Pinarayi is branding a communism which is a blind obligation towards the party.It is non-democratic.Media people don’t ask tough questions in Pinarayi Vijayan’s press meet because they are afraid of framing.

There were great journalists in Kerala who asked very tough questions to E.M.S.Namboothirippad ,too.Opposing views are essential in a democracy.Those who suppress those objections are fascists.”-he added.

Writer Kalpetta Narayanan said the left and right is decide by the party performance.There is no permanent right or left ion politics.When a government is supporting land encroachments,its policy is not ‘left’.When a government is abusing women ,its policy is not ‘left.’

The Sbarmathy Foundation organized the seminar,’Keralathil Bharanakooda bheekarathayo?  DCC president T.Sidhique presided over the function.


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