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PM Modi tweets against killers in the name of cow protection

When cow vigilantism and killing of people in the name of protecting cows become a hot topic in media and public sphere,Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted today against such Gau Rakshaks turned ‘killers.’

“Killing people in the name of Gau Bhakti is not acceptable. This is not something Mahatma Gandhi would approve”

-he said in his twitter page which is being followed by 18.7 million people.

Many comments also poured in the page.
Chethan Bhagath,top-selling author commented:


“It’s not only unacceptable, it is criminal and unpardonable. Not only Mahatma Gandhi, no civilized human being can justify this.”

Modi spoke on Mahathma Gandhi’s and Vinoba Bhave’s attitude towards non-violence and love towards animals.

“No one spoke about protecting cows more than Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Yes. It should be done”,


he continues and in the continuing tweets ,Modi condemned the recent development of cow vigilantism,that is taking place through out the country,allegedly by Sangh Pariwar organizations.

“As a society,there is no place for violence”Modi continued his tweet.

He paid tribute to Mahathma Gandhi at the Sabarmathy Ashram in Ahamedabad.

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