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Police Raj in the name of Covid 19 lock down ?

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Edacheri Police threaten people while moving out for emergency medicines.

In the name of Covid 19 lock down Kerala Police use this chance to show their power. Complaints are mounting against Edacheri Police in Vatakara Taluk for threatening public who go out for emergency needs.

The police patrolling team at different locations under the jurisdiction of Edacheri Police have shouted and threatened people travelling for emergency requirements such as medicines and essential commodities .

In an awkward manner,the police checking team infront of the Edacheri Police station threatened people travelling to buy emergency medicines from Orkkatteri Pradhan Mantri Jan Oushadhi Yojana Medical store.

One of the police persons on duty on Wednesday forenoon said in a rough manner to a passenger in an autorickshaw.

Can’t you go walking to buy medicines? The passenger was going to buy medicines to his sick father from Edacheri North,roughly 5 kilometer away from Orkkatteri.


The government didn’t prohibit emergency services in such circumstances. Then why the police behave badly to the genuine travellers.

  The passenger had to depend the autorikshaw since he doesn’t have own vehicle.


But,the number is limited to one. The person followed all these guidelines.

The local police action is unwanted and inhumane,said people who became scapegoats of the ‘undeclared ‘police Raj. Many similar cases have been reported at Vatakara and many other parts of the district.

Is it possible to walk long five kilometes to buy emergency medicines ?

Police,just remember the Indian Prime Minister and Kerala Chief Minister too appealed to the public to stay at home…He  didn’t order.Police,don’t show your power to ordinary citizen who are struggling to survive in the time of Corona pandemic.You are paid for serve the people,not to threaten them.

When people show doctors’ prescriptions,no need to show your power. You are not above the human rights law.




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