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Polling officials reaches voters’ homes to ‘voting’

  •  CNM Political Reporter
    Polling officials have reached homes to voting.The process began on Friday to provide relief to those who  need support for using their franchisee in the 2021 assembly poll in Kerala. In addition to those with disabilities living in their homes and those over the age of 80, Covid patients and those living in quarantine have been provided with the facility to vote in this manner. Voting facilities will be set up in the homes of eligible voters belonging to these categories in a manner similar to that of a polling station. The polling team will reach the houses after informing the voters and candidates in advance. Voters are informed through SMS  or through BLOs. Considering Covid’s background, the Election Commission has given them the opportunity to cast their votes in the category of absentee voters.

Polling officials come in thirty teams under a constituency electorate. The team consists of two polling officials, an observer, a policeman and a videographer. Postal votes of all eligible candidates will be registered by April 5.
The entire process is videotaped without losing the secrecy of the vote. In the district, 27,403 people over the age of 80, 7417 persons with disabilities and 30 Covid patients are eligible for the Special Postal Vote. The portal is equipped with the right to distribute postal ballots to people with disabilities living in their homes, over the age of 80, Covid patients and those living in quarantine.

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