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Pombilai Orumai stir:minister M.M.Mani should apologize,says K.P.A.Majeed

Minister M.M.Mani should withdraw his statements on Pombilai Orumai , a women’s collective in  Idukki, and apologize,said K.P.A.Majeed,Indian Union Muslim League state general secretary in a statement,here.
“M.M.Mani ridiculed their strike in an abusive way. Mani spoke uncultured way.It is the result of his  ignorance.
The women’s only strike;Pombilai Orumai, was innovative thanks to the will power of women protesters.And,it got wide support beyond party politics.
Mani used vulgar language to humiliate  the women protesters in Idukki.”-Majeed added.
Meanwhile, Mani’s speech invited ire from the woman protesters,who are blocking roads in Idukki. Mani’s statement has been trolled by social media community in Kerala.
The minister used the controversial words in his Adimali 20 acre meeting. 
Plantation workers in Idukki district organized a protest for better wages in 2015. Pombilai Orumai protest was path-breaking and discussed , widely among socio-political leaders.
The will power and unity of women strikers led them to victory.The plantations bosses increased labor wages.   

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