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Post-election violence:cultural leaders release joint statement

Disappointed cultural leaders on Monday released a protest note against post-assembly poll violence in Kerala,especially at politically sensitive spots like Kannur. Eminent scholar Dr.M.G.S.Narayanan,Gandhian Thayatt Balan,and novelist P.Valsala signed in the joint statement which points out various types of violence in connection with poll victory celebrations.Hurling of bombs,stone-pelting,revengeful attack on houses and properties are common disturbance in recent days.They underscored the need of maintaining peaceful living condition in the state.
“Whom to blame for the violence is a tough task because various parties involved in it.Change in power ,even though unexpected is part of democracy.But,since the announcement of results,criminals are taking over streets and make pubic life miserable.”-they said.
“Our youth need peaceful guidance for a better tomorrow.Organized
parties should join hands and discuss things in a creative manner to find solution and avoid violence.”-the note said.

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