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Local Body Election updates;Kozhikode


CNM Reporter

PPE kits were distributed to polling officials

PPE kits were distributed  to the polling officials of the district as part of the Covid norms. 24,000 PPE kits were distributed. Eight PPE kits, seven liters of sanitizer and 14 masks and gloves were distributed to each booth. Officials wear the PPE kit when Covid patients come to vote in the last hour of polling.

Postal vote of employees; 710 applications received

Officials involved in the election received 710 applications for postal voting to exercise their right to vote. Postal ballots for the officers assigned for election work will be delivered by the respective Returning Officers directly or by post once the Form No. 15 submitted by them and their accompanying appointment are available. These ballots will be accepted until the counting day (December 16) before the counting begins (8 am).

Polling officials have been appointed to exclude those who have been recommended by the Commission to be excluded in cases of minor children in cases where the wife and husband of a family are officials.


Local elections; Haritha booths are ready
The district is in the final stages of preparations to conduct the elections in compliance with the Green Code. Sample booths will be set up with welcome boards with twisted straws and palms, potable water, instructions on how to keep a social distance and wear a mask, and braided straws on the leaves to collect waste without throwing it away after use. Each model booth is set up at the block and corporation level. Booth preparations will be completed in full compliance with the Covid protocol.

Selected model booths in local bodies and corporations in the district will be greened as per the directions of Sanitation Mission, Haritha Kerala Mission and Local Self Government Institutions. Prohibited materials, including plastic, will not be allowed on the polling booth premises.

Balussery Block Panchayat Kaunthara AUP School, Chelannur Block Panchayat Iruvallur GUPS, Koduvalli GLP School Chembra, Kozhikode Offshore Special School Building, Kunnamangalam AUPS Kunnamangalam, Kunnummal Block GUPS Vattoli, Thikkodi Mappila LP School in Meladi, Andatta GPS in Pantalayani, Koothali AUP School Central Part in Perampura, Mappila LP School in Thodannur, KRHSS Purameri , Chompal North LP School in Vadakara and Civil Station LP School in Kozhikode Corporation are the model green booths.

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