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Protect your kidney:an exhibition with a mission

Nadapuram Govt.U.P.School ground witnessed a huge crowd .It was a mega exhibition ground , ‘Vrikkakkoru Thanal’,an awareness campaign and free test camp along with the exhibition.

Thanal,a non-profit organization was the organizer of the program. People from different walks of life visited the three day exhibition.

The final day (07-12-2015) was most crowded. Students.teachers, and general public stood in long queues for hours to see the exhibition and screening of a documentary based on kidney ailments and precautions.

The reason behind this exhibition was the increase in the number of kidney patients,said V.C.Iqbal one of the leading persons promoters of the event.

organ exhibition

The question they raised in the campaign is :

Should the organs go to the soil or human being…? It really made people think on the importance of the organ donation.

Father David Chiramel ,who himself is  a kidney-donor spoke on the occasion.

He underscored the need to upheld the humanity  beyond caste,religion and community.He urged the people to donate organs to save lives.

“It is the most precious service one can provide to this society.”-he said.

“Wealth and any sort of materialistic gain will leave us when we die.However,we leave a meaningful memory if  we have given our organs to needy fellow beings.So,one can continue living here,making the life meaningful. The value of life is there”-he said.

Father Chiramel accepted organ donation consent letter from V.C.Iqbal on the occasion.

Prof.Shobeendran,Sooppy Narikkatteri were among the speakers.

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