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Protest intensifies over the construction of volleyball court on Konnad Beach

 During a time when the corona pandemic spreads like wildfire across the country, Kozhikode district administration and A. Pradeep Kumar  MLA visited  Kozhikode West Hill Konnad Beach in connection with the construction of volley ball court and bicycle yard.Local people alleged that it was untimely and violated social distancing. 
 Officials of the district administration, led by MLA Pradeep Kumar and the district collector, visited the site in connection with the project to build a volleyball court and bicycle yard as part of the tourism project without even considering the social distancing. 
Harshan Kampura, secretary, Konnott Snehathiram Residence Association, and Sudheesh Keshavpuri, general convener, Westhill Development Committee, demanded that the district administration has to withdraw this project, as the construction of a volleyball court on the Beach would destroy the integrity and beauty of the beach.
 Of the coast that extends from Kampuram to Konnad, this tourism project, is in a manner, that destroys the natural environment.
 The move to build a volleyball court in disguise of tourism, will cause an environmental impact and disrupt the livelihood of traditional fishermen.
 They also accused such moves will destroy the natural beauty of the coast.
Konnad is located in the city of Kozhikode.
 With the construction of the volleyball court, in the name of development, the opportunity for the city dwellers to come to the seaside and enjoy the beauty and solitude of the sea is going to end.
There are no lights on the streets across these shores. The people have been protesting against the tourism department for not being able to install even electric lights for 15 years.
 Sudheesh Keshavpuri, General Convener, Harshan Kampuram West Hill Development Working Committee, Konnad Snehathiram Residents Secretary, PK Sreerajanan and Manu Konnat, General Convener, said that there would be strong protests against this move by the local resident associations, NGOs, locals and various political parties.

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