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Sabarimala is not a soil for women’s activism


Devotees’ sentiments hurt;The method these two women  used to enter the shrine was not heroic,but cowardly.

Millions of true devotees of Lord Ayyappa are disappointed since the news of two women under 50 years entered into Sabarimala temple in the wee hours on Jan 2.
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan confirmed the incident,later. It was a follow up action immediately after organising Women’s Wall
Holding the SC verdict as his weapon,Pinarayi is acting as an apostle of renaissance.However,the majority of Kerala people irrespective of their religious faiths stand with tradition in Sabarimala controversy.
But,it is not a heroic step by a ruler,but an egoistic approach.
Millions of Ayyappa devotees including women are shocked to hear the news.
Another turn in this story is that not a single true woman devotee came forward to have a  darshan even the court stood with them.
Real devotees said they were ready to wait until a particular age to enter Sabarimala,a rare temple in the world
As I said in my previous article, Sabarimala is not a place for political or any type of activism.Women were never banned from there.

from the article:

Women in Kerala have been following the tradition without complaints.And,remember that women in Kerala are well-educated.They have good sense of responsibility for maintaining harmony, not only in their family but in their society,too.They are quite aware of their fundamental rights.
Sabarimala is not a place where activists with agenda and models or actress to prove their adventurous activism.
It is not climbing of Mount Everest  and get a sense of feel,that “I have conquered”
There was only age restriction and similar restrictions are still popular in the case of men also in many temples in Kerala and other states.No men questioned it.No agitation was formed .No word of gender discrimination was heard.
No women are allowed in  Sunni mosques .Never heard Muslim women’s agitation for that.
One of the ladies who entered today is said to be a Nexal leader.The government was trying to practice their agenda by using the Naxal activists.
Their actions,body languages  were never positive.
They showed their arrogance only.
But the government has to pay a huge price to this political move.
The sign of violence has been originated.
People are divided in the name of faith.
The only benefit these two ladies got is temporary media hype.In long run,they would be negative characters who damaged the fabric of faith,true devotion and peace of mind of Kerala people .
The government as well as the activists could have waited until the review petition is taken for consideration by the Supreme Court.
And the method they used to enter the shrine was not heroic,but cowardly. They pretended to be male,wearing full black and bobbed hair cheated the devotees And,they took a secret route to appear in front of the sanctum sanatorium of the sublime hill shrine It is not historic or never empower women folk.Instead it is a shame to womanhood.
These two women have caused to bring new chaos in the God’s own country.
As well-planned,one of the activists spoke to news channels that they entered Sabarimala temple without any opposition from devotees Here,the script was well crafted.
The government and police department escorted these activists and made it possible.Here,as many independent   thinkers stated an arrogant leader is using his power to implement constitutional rights, hurting popular sentiments.

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