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Safa, Nida, Keerthana – These students speak out

Safa, Nida, Keerthana – Student heroes articulate action without fear.

“Speak out the facts boldly” was the message rendered by the three girls who rose to unexpected fame and hogged the news columns by separate events in recent days.

Safa Febin from Karuvarakkundu, and Nida Fathima and K.Keerthana from Sulthan Bathery, the three girls who stole the limelight by their timely action in taking up the cudgels appropriately on various critical situations converged on Sunday at Malappuram at a programme organised by Press Club.

The Malappuram Press Club in a unique gesture invited the three girls for a rare tete-to tete with news men and public and felicitated them at a function held at the club.

The trio, all school girls from rural background, interacted with newspersons and students at the function organised by the Club and shared their feelings and approach to life.

They had a lively discussion with the audience on various concepts on life and their views on them.

The girls in a highly spirited mood answered the volley of questions on various subjects from the public with ease and confidence.

Safa Febin, a Class 11 student of a Government Higher Secondary School school in Karuvarakkundu in Malappuram district was in the news after she flawlessly translated the speech of Rahul Gandhi, the Wayanad MP, who was on a three day tour in the state.

When Gandhi asked one of the students of the Government Higher Secondary School Karuvarkkundu at Wandoor in Malappuram, to come forward to translate his speech from English to Malayalam, Safa courageously took up the challenge and shared the stage with Gandhi.

The 16-year-old girl translated the Congress leader’s speech flawlessly, much to the happiness of Rahul and all at the meeting.

Sharing her experience on the translating Rahul Gandhi’s speech, Safa, said that she was afraid of being distracted by any other thing during the course of translation and was worried about having to miss out on important points of what Rahul was saying, Anyhow, with confidence and God’s grace, I could manage the show, said Safa.

It was Nida Fathima, a class 7 student in Sarvajana School, Sultha Bathery, who created a storm by revealing the truth behind her class mate Shehala Sherin’s death due to a snakebite in her class room to the world.

Following her revelation, social media has come up praising Nidha for her brave and sincere words.

The picture showing Nida leading the protest against the negligence of school authorities over the death of the girl and calling for action against the guilty has gone viral in the social media.

“The teacher said that Shehala’s wounds were caused by a nail, stone, etc. That is not true. Shehla was suffering so much that she wasn’t able to sit properly on the bench. She had repeatedly asked the teacher to take her to hospital, ” Nida told. She also revealed how the teacher neglected their request to take Shehala to the hospital.


She was not afraid of teachers when raised voice against the school authorities. “I thought only about that girl who died because of the attitude of some teachers. I was really angry with the teachers,” she said. I had no fear when I raised my voice against the cruelity on students.Still I have no fear to raise my voice against any injustice.

Keerthana, a Class V student of the same school, too shared her experiences at the function.

Keerthana said she never thought of becoming a celebrity in her life and to become so busy even in her wildest dreams. Her father always advised her to speak out what in her mind openly and boldly, said Keerthana.

Politics at school level will prompt the authorities to hear and resolve the students’ problems, they opined in

A P Anilkumar MLA handed over memontos to the three girls.

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