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Sayanora Philip’s Kannur song crosses 4 million views


Sayanora’s Dinchik Nation’s song pitches Kannur’s slang and soul!


Kannur born playback singer and music director Sayanora Philip’s new song BenkiBoom has crossed 4 million views within two weeks. The song is presented in pure
Kannur slang. In lieu, the people of Kannur and music lovers all over the world received this new song and the band with immense love. As a result, the
performance video of the song in Music Mojo in Kappa TV is viral on social media.This song became one of the most sought after hits in Tik Tok videos.
Benki Boom is the maiden number of her newly launched band “Dinchik Nation”.Varkey (music producer/composer and keyboardist), Rithu Vyshakh (violin, viola
and cello player), Ajay Varghese (DJ and dancer), are the other members of the band. Finny Kurian is the music producer and off-stage member of the band.
Sayanora and lyricist Vaishakh Sugunan, a school teacher and poet from Kannur has penned the lyrics for Benki Boom.
In Kannur slang, Benki stands for vegam irangoo (‘Ride Off,Quickly’). Bem (a typical Kannur slang of Vegam in Malayalam) means quickly. Kee is interestingly an
unknown term for Malayalis in other parts. However, people in Kannur and neighboring places use it as purely colloquial one.
Dinchik Nation’s song has got such a mass response from Malayalis all over the world. The band has received videos of countless kids singing and dancing to Benki
Boom song.

“We were anxious about how people not belonging to Kannur will respond to this song, because it used purely colloquial language .But, it’s slang and style took it
beyond boundaries.”
And,it gave much surprise to the whole team who made it happen. One of the striking elements of this song is a word that is now popular among foodies
in Kannur and Dubai. Many ask for Benki Boom fame Kudukkachi Biriyani in top hotels. It is a new coinage of Sayanora and team.
There is a type of Biryani named Kudukka Biryani (served in an earthen pot in some parts of north Malabar). However, she improvised it as “Kudukkachi” mixing kudukka
(the biriyani’s name) and kidukkachi (meaning superb).The recent trending online sensation is a long time dream for her. During her school
days itself, Sayanora dreamt of launching a band. Finally, she saw it in real life.“Actually,this song was planned for a movie, but later, the song did not go well with
the movie’s requirement. Then after a year of waiting, we presented it as our original for Dinchik Nation” – says Sayanora. Benki Boom, is popularly known as ‘Kannur
anthem’ among Kannur people and has become a milestone in the recent online music trends. Saynora’s music directorial debut is Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri (2018), directed by
Jean Markose. She is now busy with a new Malayalam movie Aaha starring Indrajith, for which she is composing four songs. However, she finds her time to engage in
charity services, too.

Varkey is composing songs and background for the Vidhu Vincent directorial film Stand up, which has Nimisha Sajayan and Rajisha Vijayan in the lead roles. Rithu
Vysakh has just finished recording his one-man string orchestra for the latest film Saaho, which has released all over India. Ajay Varghese is in Mumbai, graduating in
Psychology along with dance and DJ performances. Finny Kurian is a composer in the Kannada film industry and he is working on his third film at this moment.


Vaishakh Sugunanan,lyricicst



Finny Kurian,off-stage member and music producer





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