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Ashvin Kumar’s ‘No Fathers in Kashmir’ screened at IFFK 2019

Shashi Tharoor MP  attends the screening

CNM Reporter 

 Oscar nominated and National Film Award winning film maker Ashvin Kumar’s ‘No Fathers in Kashmir’ was screened as part of the 24th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) today (Saturday) at the Kairali theatre. Dr. Shashi Tharoor MP attended the screening at Kairali theatre.


The film will be screened again on December 9 at Nila. The film was released in India earlier in 2019 and is now ready for its global release in the UK, followed by the US market. It has already received positive reviews at the special screenings conducted for the UK press in November 2019.

Ashvin is the youngest ever Indian Oscar nominee for ‘Little Terrorist’, which was also nominated for European Film Academy Awards and won 24 top honors in over 200 film festivals around the world. He is a two-time National award winner for his Kashmir series, ‘Inshallah’, ‘Football’ and ‘Inshallah, Kashmir’, and has also directed ‘Road to Ladakh’ (starring Irrfan Khan), ‘Dazed in Doon’, ‘The Forest’ (starring Jaaved Jaffery), and a UNHCR commissioned documentary on migration, ‘I Am not Here’. Ashvin began working as a director in theater and founded one of the best digital post-production studios in India in 1996. He is a voting member of the European Film Academy.

According to Director Ashvin Kumar, “No Fathers in Kashmir is founded on the premise that forgiveness and hope are the reason for our survival as  species. The stories I’ve told are about tangled acts of love, betrayal, friendship and loss — impulses universally understood. These impulses have, time and again, cut through history and helped us find better ways of living together in peace”.

About No Fathers in Kashmir: A teenage British Kashmiri, Noor, retraces her roots. She is joined by Majid, a local Kashmiri boy who is more smitten by her exotic foreignness than her obsession to unravel the mysteries of their disappeared fathers. Against his better judgment, Majid finds himself guiding Noor to a forbidden area in the Indo-Pak border fraught with danger. They stumble upon a dark secret that they shouldn’t have seen and Majid’s worst fears are realized: they are set upon by an army patrol.
Being British, Noor is released but Majid is detained for questioning. Having put him into such peril, how far is Noor willing to go to have Majid released? And, can love ever be the same again for these two?
From the world’s deadliest conflict, based on hundreds of true stories, this tender storm of first-love and heart-break echoes Kashmir’s own story in surprising and revealing ways. Link to the trailer –

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