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Shoranur-Kozhikode rail electrification:trial run begins

A  trial run was conducted by the Southern Railway in Shoranur-Kozhikode stretch .The electric loco arrived at Kozhikode railway station on Thursday and verified technical capabilities.

The 350 crore Shoranur-Kannur electrification work is carried out by the Railway Electrification Core, Allahabad and the construction works are progressing under a private company, KEC International. The substation work is the responsibility of Prasidham Enterprises. Earlier it was planned to operate electric trains by 2014.Now; it is expected to be in 2015.

The remaining Kozhikode-Kannur line work is developing partially because in this route power supply towers could not be installed. The sources point out it is due to the high density settlements en rout and objection from the local residents.

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