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Sports has a uniting power-PM Modi


Sports and culture have a trans-formative potential in enabling stronger and deeper people to people ties,says Prime Minister Modi

S for Skill;P for Perseverance O for Optimism;R for Resilience;T for Tenacity;S for Stamina.-he defines Sports

The Prime Minister was inaugurating the synthetic track of Usha School of Athletics at Kinalur ,Balussery , today via teleconferencing.
Modi said the track is an important milestone in the development of Usha School of Athletics.and will provide modern facilities to the trainees.

Sports creates a spirit of sportsmanship, which matters both on and off the field.

Modi underscored the contributions of  ‘Payyoli Express; Udan Pari ;P.T.Usha;the golden girl of India.


“In addition to keeping the body healthy, sports also transforms the personality, bringing about holistic development. It instills discipline and ethos of hard-work.”-Modi said.

He added that sports provides learning for life, which enrich our thought process. The sports field is a great teacher. One of the best things one learns on the sports field is equanimity – to face victory and defeat – as a part of life.

In this inter-connected and inter-dependent world, a nation’s soft power is vital. In addition to a nation’s economic and military strength, a nation’s soft power is seen as central to its identity. Sports has become an important part of soft power.


“Achievers in any sport are global sources of motivation. Youngsters draw inspiration from their success and struggles. During every major international competition, be it an Olympics or a world cup or any other such forum, the entire world takes joy in the achievements of other nations, however big or small they are.”


This is the uniting power of sports.  Sports and culture have a transformative potential in enabling stronger and deeper people to people ties.  Even at home in India, a single player catches the imagination of the whole country. His or her performance acts as uniting force – every one prays for him or her when he or she is on the field.


The popularity of these athletes lives on beyond their times too. For years, sports, just like the pursuit of knowledge, is a part of Indian culture and tradition.


Sports activities like Archery, Swordsmanship, Wrestling, Malkhamb, Boat-Racing are known to have existed for ages.


In Kerala, sports such as Kuttiyumkolum, Kalari, have been popular.”-Modi said.

Union Sports and Youth Affairs minister Vijay Goel presided over the function. He said the center is ready to sanction a sports university in Kerala,if the state government willing to provide 120-200 acres of land.

Kerala  sports minister AC Moideen who was present on the occasion  replied the state is ready to give land.

People’s representatives also spoke on the occasion.

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