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SSLC exam;parents violate lockdown rules

Thousands of parents gather outside schools as their children write exams. It is the violation of  government protocol during coronavirus pandemic,reports Rinitha CP

The SSLC exams have begun since yesterday (26.05.2020). This is a view (see picture) from MJHSS at Elettil Vattoli. The MJ School has the largest number of SSLC, Higher Secondary students taking their exams in the district.

The parents of the students are gathered outside the institution from the beginning till the end of the exam hour. Around 1000 students were here to write their SSLC exams and along with them, there were similar number of parents, outside the school. This causes serious concern in the time of coronavirus pandemic.

Parents’ gathering violates government protocol in the time of coronavirus pandemic.

The exams were to be held with all the health related precautions and social distancing.

The Higher Secondary exams began today also raised same concern.

At this time when the state is dealing with increasing number of patients day by day, situations like these will increase the factors of risk of social spread of COVID 19.


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