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Successful Ayurveda treatment for liver cancer


Kozhikode: A government Ayurvedic doctor’s case report presentation on successful Ayurvedic treatment for liver cancer caught the attention of the Global Ayurveda Festival on Wednesday. ‘Ayurvedic Management of Hepatocellular carcinoma 5th segment with Liver cirrhosis’ was presented by Dr.Areekkatt Manoj Kumar, Chief Medical Officer at government Ayurveda dispensary, Pulamanthol in  Malappuram district.

The doctor had also presented his research paper on Ayurvedic Management of liver cancer in an international research seminar on Ayurveda (IRSA)at Birstein in Germany on 19 ,September 2015.

The Scientific Committee of European Academy of Ayurveda of Germany had selected this paper for publication in international journal.

Dr.Manoj presented a case study pertains to a fifty four years old patient, diagnosed with carcinoma of the fifth segment of the liver cirrhosis associated with portal hypertension and chronic kidney disease. Surgeons had planned a trans-arterial chemo embolization (TACE).But, was not possible due to chronic kidney disease.

A liver transplantation was not possible owing to multiple lesions in liver. Then the patient sought Ayurveda treatment .Three months of Ayurveda treatment has relieved the patient of his complaints.

Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) taken after five months of treatment shows no active lesion in liver at present.Alfafeto protein test shows normal.

The study says severe abdominal pain, vomiting, intermittent fever, constipation, loss of appetite and sleep could be satisfactorily managed with Ayurvedic intervention.

Studies based on similar are on and such cases will be a part of his future research programs.

His research work on Ayurveda treatment pontine haemorrhage a form of intra cranial haemorrhage mostly due to chronic hyper tension had published in an  international journal ,’Ancient Science of Life’ following which the state government granted him permission to conduct a detailed study on Ayurveda treatment of brain tumour.

He said the case was a pointer to the potential benefits of Ayurveda in liver cancer patients for whom both liver transplantation and TACE are not possible.



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