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The Corona Wedding;What matters to New Gen?

Rinitha CP speaks to new gen people to find out the impact of corona virus in weddings. She writes on the unavoidable lifestyles and protocols that corona virus situation demands in today’s world.

As the corona virus pandemic has taken over the world, we people are forced to change our lifestyles. Keeping ourselves more confined to our personal space and avoiding large social gatherings is a requirement for keeping ourselves and others safe.

 Looking at the Indian Social context, the ceremony of a wedding is no more possible as before. The Malayalees who celebrated wedding as a social gathering have now reduced the participants to an extent of 50 people. The so called “Corona Weddings” have now shrunk into a very personal and small family gathering rather than a huge crowded feast.
 The change has been shocking as well as even relaxing to many people. When asked to people, most of them are of the view that, it’s a good thing that the extravaganza of these weddings are now being forbidden. The money spent on these wedding functions are rather money wasted. Weddings should be a very personal and small ceremony. The poor people are now benefited as they no more have to follow the social strategy of a regular wedding. People also think that from now on, weddings must be confined to this much.
 Those who had the chance to be in the top 50 of the people who got invited for a “Corona Wedding” and actually got to experience the scenario, describe it to be really different. People wearing masks and not being able to recognise each other, keeping distance and there’s no more nagging of the distant relatives. Everyone stays in their own space. While some others also described weddings being conducted where, despite of less population, masks or social distancing were not much followed by the people. It sure is hard to control the crowd, even if it’s just 50 people.
 It is under these circumstances, that wedding event managers are taking their chance. Organizations like Future Innovations have brought Covid Protocol Wedding Organising, where they organise everything in accordance to the protocol of the pandemic as directed by the government. This includes, screening, sanitization, mask supply and even Live streaming of the wedding so that people can keep their distance and be safe.
  The state also witnessed the wedding of the state’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s daughter T Veena, with CPI-M youth wing leader, Muhammad Riyas. The wedding was a simple function on 16th of June, at the CM’s official residence Cliff House, with less than 30 guests. Due to the pandemic, the groom’s elderly parents avoided travelling all the way to Thiruvananthapuram from Kozhikode to attend their own son’s wedding. The wedding was clearly a portrayal of how the future weddings shall be and how seriously the protocols have to be followed.
  On another view, there are still many people who wish that all this turn back to normal. There are views that weddings are a huge family and friends reunion or a get together where everyone take out time from their busy lives and be with each other Sharing old memories and making new ones. The Covid weddings are rather still a loss when it comes to the joy of being together.

 The pandemic has surely showed us the value of relationships and togetherness. For now we all have to live according to the protocol so that we can all get our old normal lives back soon. Hence the steps we take now will be the decisions made for a better future. 


Sreerag, a 29 year old employee says, ” More than the society, I am personally affected by this corona pandemic and these weddings. Two of my friends have their weddings postponed indefinitely and even my wedding is going the same way. If this is the case, I think it would be hard for anyone to be able to even participate in a wedding once in a year. A lot of unrequited expenses and extravagance will be reduced, which is a good thing, I feel. But even then, it is sad that these occasions will no more be a reunion of families and friends. Even if we look down upon these extra expenses, weddings are still a festival for all of us, in this fast running life.”

When asked if future weddings should be organised this way, he said , ” I think if we will be conducting weddings this way in future, then it is better to do a simple registered marriage, as there is not much difference”

  23 year old student, Ayana MS says ,”I have attended a Corona wedding. It was a great experience. Everyone wears masks and we don’t even recognise the people we know. There’s no more rose water at the entrance, now it’s the sanitiser! I think this is better than the extravagant weddings. A small function with limited members, this should be the new trend.”


Shikha, a 23 year old student when asked about future marriages says that “Talking about my opinion, I would never like my wedding to be like this. Weddings are once in a lifetime thing and I would not like to do it that way.”


When asked about her experience in any such function, she said “I have attended a wedding recently, and I didn’t see anyone wearing a mask. The only change I saw was that it was a small function with 50 people.”

“If we focus on the expenditure, then this is a good way to save a lot of money. The functions are confined to one day, there’s no program a day earlier, or a day later and then a visiting function etc. Now it’s only a one day thing.”

Brinda, a 23 year old student says “According to my opinion, the positive thing in this is that, everyone can have an equally limited, standard wedding without having extravagant celebrations and expenses that comes along with it.

But the problem is that a family surely has more than 100 people as close relatives and friends, and all these people cannot be included in the function. I see this as the only difficulty, the rest is great.”

Sruthi Babu, a 23 year old student says “This is a very good thing for the middle class or lower class people because there is no grand function and everything is very simple and confined. Regular weddings are very extravagant, with all the ornaments, clothes for the relatives and so on. So these kind of functions where such expenses are not there, and the debts the parents have to face can be avoided.”

25 year old Akhil Raj says”I think that a wedding function with this much people is very important under these circumstances so as to stop the spread of the disease.

But in future, the older system should come back as wedding is a festival for everyone and should be celebrated that way.”

22 year old Viswajith says”These corona weddings are better. The expense is less and no-one will have any complaints. Ornaments are not required, grant clothes are not required, and food for 500 people is also not required. This is in every way profitable.”

Drishya Prakash, a 22 year old post graduate student says “I think it’s an individual choice. Some want extravagant weddings, while others want it to be a small function. I like weddings to be grant with all the people. So people who like these kind of weddings, will find corona weddings to be a problem. Marriage functions are like a huge get together where people meet after a long time. The pandemic reduces the chance if such gatherings.”

23 year old student Ruby Rosh says “A lot of the show off done on the name of a wedding has stopped. Show off as in a lot new traditions has come now days like presenting a phone to the bride on the engagement, photo shoots before the wedding, after the wedding etc. All these expenses are very useless according to my view. All these things will be reduced to the actual needs. Then the real expense of the wedding is a lot. The setting, house decor, clothes, ornaments, food etc. Everything is a lot for both the families involved. Now they only have to set their houses, prepare a feast for 50 people and the wedding is done within one day. There is much less risk. The make up and things like that have reduced to the required amount.



 “Also I think that, the weddings are the events where a lot of food is wasted. I’ve seen people dumping food under the ground. All that will be reduced. Also Dowry is not becoming a problem in this scenario. Even if people want to give dowry, even they are at a relief because they don’t have much expense in the wedding”
“The Women’s Commission has given a petition to make weddings this confined. I think that it is a very good thing to be brought as a law.”
When asked about any such corona wedding experience, he said”I have experienced two such weddings. It didn’t seem like a wedding. As we went to the house a day earlier, everyone was dressed normally, yet it was a genuine feeling of a happy function happening.”
“And another wedding I attended recently after the lock down. The wedding was postponed as the bride’s family wanted to receive their debts from people for buying the gold ornaments. Later the groom’s family said that there’s no need for ornaments, and hence the wedding was conducted in a very simple manner.”

 25 year old Jibin Mathew says ” We can easily conduct a small function of 50 people, but the problem is that a lot of people will lose their jobs. Many people depend on these functions as their daily wages. The House decoration workers, renters,etc. Economically, the lower middle class people will be affected, even though it appears as a profit to us.
Money has it’s cycle and it being with one person will not be beneficial for others. These weddings are also a part of this process. Other investments lead the money towards the cooperates, but events like these circulate the money among the ordinary people. I think the older way of the weddings has to come back.

To manage a function of 50 people, a family hardly will require the help anyone from outside. The decorations, flowers, photo shoots will all be reduced and the people who work for it will not have a job.”





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