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‘BJP has only divisive idea of India’-Kapil Sibal

Rinitha CP

John Brittas started his interview by appreciating   Kapil Sibal,the senior Congress leader for his speech on CAA in the Rajyasabha where he said ” Those who do not have any idea of India cannot protect India”. When asked more about it,  Sibal replies that the BJP has never worked for the nation. They only have an idea of what they did in Gujarat. The India of discrimination is what they have in their minds.

“How are you going to protect the country from them ? ” The answer was given in one phrase “That is how”
Talking about Kerala, Kapil Sibal says that Kerala is one of the most educated states of India. The people of Kerala are very open- minded. Calicut itself has a great history. It represents the foundation of India as Kerala itself does.
Current scenario in India

“Nothing is permanent. What goes up must come down. All that the people have to do is not to lose confidence. He believes this to be a transient phase that the country hast to go to. Together we can fight it.
“The constitution is irrelevant. The government is using extra constitutional ways. They have captured the educational institutions, they have captured the media. ” The nation always wants to know” , said the lawyer-turned politician.
His views in the Kerala  Governor’s stand of  supporting  CAA.
To this Kapil Sibal answers that he knows Arif Mohammad Khan very well and that he needs to read the constitution. If he finds any difficulty, then Sibal himself can help him with it.
People like these, have no knowledge of the constitution. They’ve captured the 3 legislates out of 4. Only capturing the judiciary is impossible for them. So the constitution is like a car of which 3 of the 4 wheels does not work and one works occasionally.


Opposition doesn’t get the car
When asked about the opposition, he said that the opposition does not get to drive the car.
He said  that somebody has to emerge and we have to protect our country.
Brittas further asked his views on the converging of the population over this issue
“Believing in a regional party is one’s choice, but when it comes to national politics, the Congress has to fight it. We need to politically get together and let the Congress lead .”
When it comes to Congress,there are many confusions,asked Brittas:

There is a vacuum that has been created.
Sibal answered that everybody must mend their ways. No-one is perfect, we all need to think and transform and collaborate with each other. We have regional parties trying to go National, it is the heart if the problem and we have to unite as one.
How are we going to tackle this situation?
To this he claimed that his answer was ” I don’t have an answer”
Brittas says that Modi still can come back, because there is no one to tackle a leader like him.
To this Sibal answered that it is not leader versus leader, it is leader versus the people of India. For instance the University students, they do not have a party and as the prime minister says, they can’t be recognized with their clothes. The students are reacting and protesting because they do not see a future for themselves. The nation is at its highest unemployment population. Consumption in rural areas have declined.
Brittas again asserts that we still need somebody to take on Modi
Sibal replies that it will happen and somebody will emerge. The situation at JNU is proving that people are realizing that this is not just politics, this is real. Everyone wants development and the BJP does not have the talent to bring the country back to the rails.
Further views were asked on Kerala Government’s non cooperation towards the CAA and NRC.
Sibal answered that this could be seen in 2 levels, one, the non cooperation is a message to the Union of India that we are unhappy with CAA and NRC. But NRC is national population implemented by local registrars. To be non cooperative of a government act is constitutionally difficult and whether it is practically possible, we don’t know.
John Brittas asked him to comment upon JNU and Jamiya incidents.
He replied that he didn’t  want to comment on a situation. The problem of Jammu and Kashmir, the violence in UP and JNU all calls for urgency. Even the incidents of Mangalore is shocking and he says that he has never heard of something this bad before.
“The attitude of the government is very clear. They began with love Jihad, then Ghar Wapisi, then imposing Sanskrit and later Hindi. Then they claimed that all Indians should be called Hindus and then came CAA amd NRC.
They think that dividing people will give them the 2024 elections just as they got the 2019 elections.”

 Modi’s style
Brittas pointed out  that on a Netflix show about Hitler’s life, he found a lot of similarities between Modi and Hitler. He asked for Sibals’s views on that.
Sibal responded that there are 130 cr. people in India where 80-90 cr. earn less than 10 K a year. 80-90cr is not the half if the population of Europe and Britain combined. He accuses that what Modi did was to ” sell a dream”
If the polarization is going to help the BJP?
Sibal responded  that they might have gained UP, but they had not got other central states.
Are the parties afraid to take on BJP?
“I don’t think it is working for them, nationally. Not in all states
On media
We need to dismantle the connection between industry and media. The media has to be free. If it works for institutions, they’ll be controlled by the government under which the institutions rely upon.

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