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There will be new developments in the field of education: A Pradeep Kumar MLA


Kozhikode North constituency inaugurated the complete digital school project

A. Pradeep Kumar MLA has said that there will be new developments in the field of education in Kerala as the government gives due importance and consideration to innovative inquiries and ideas like PRISM in the field of education.

He was speaking after announcing the conversion of all schools in the Kozhikode North constituency into high-tech and fully digital schools.

He said the government has ensured the care and attention of those living in areas without basic facilities, economically backward people, children with disabilities and even the micro-communities at the micro level of the society in connection with modern information technology.

So far, 717 laptops, 391 multimedia projectors, 262 mounting kits, 237 screens, 27 televisions, 28 multi-function printers, 27 HD SLR cameras, 28 HD cameras and 533 USB speakers have been distributed to all sections of the 56 schools in the constituency. The constituency has six Govt. Higher Secondary Schools, Five Aided Higher Secondary Schools, 10 Government LP Schools, 13 Aided LP Schools and nine Govt. UP schools and seven aided UP schools, one TTI, one aided TTI, one special school and two technical higher secondary schools.

As early as 2007, smart classrooms were set up in 22 schools in the constituency and teachers were trained to use them. Along with this, Govt. The Girls Vocational Higher Secondary School has made 20 classrooms high-tech, including all the tenth grade divisions. Projectors, laptops, speakers and internet facilities were provided in these classrooms. Subsequently, Infosys provided 150 computers to three Prism schools. Now all the classrooms in all the higher secondary schools in the constituency have been made high-tech. Projector and multimedia facilities are ready in all schools including LP, UP, Special School, Technical School and TTI. The government is providing a lot of ICT based training to teachers.

Karaparambu Govt. Ward Councilor Beena Rajan presided over the function held at the Higher Secondary School.
School Principal KP Manoj, AEO V Manojkumar, PTA President Najeeb Maliekal, SMC Chairman Ranjith Lal, Kite Master Trainer PP Suresh Babu, Headmistress Shadia Banu, Karaparambu GLP School HM Vatsala and Prism Constituency Court. Attended.

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