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This village office stays so cool !

Kizhakkoth Village Office,near Koduvally in Kozhikode turns modern and people-friendly thanks to the collective efforts of  the staff and the local community.  


When one think about a village office in Kerala,it is not a pleasant place to visit.But,a dry place with hours long queue and the surroundings are messy and uncomfortable.However,here is a different village office.


Kozhikode district collector UV Jose declared Kizhakkoth village office as people-friendly one.

A beneficiary need not wait for long time at this office by suffering heat waves.It is an air-conditioned office. One of the very limited village offices in Kerala.

Large number of people visit this village on regular basis.And,the tail end of the queue reached  the road,in the past.

Now,things have been changed. People can sit comfortably in this office,after visiting respective staff in this office.

Various government documents and certificates are being issued the same day itself.Village staff are deployed to meet this target until late evening,said C. Raveendran,the Village Officer who has taken up the initiative to modernize and make the office people-friendly.

A public committee,led by the panchayath president spearheaded all the works to get this office in a modern outlook.

The village office building was constructed by utilizing the  MLA fund of VM Ummer Master.

A non-resident Keralite,belongs to Elettil sponsored air-conditioner to the newly constructed office.

A group of pravasis contributed for the work of fabrication.

Here,at this office,power failures do not cause worry.Kizhakkoth Service-Co-operative bank sponsored an invertor.


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