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Top doctors violate MCI rules

Top doctors in Kozhikode prescribe medicines in small letters that too unable to read by pharmacists.The Union Health Ministry had asked doctors to prescribe medicines in legible manner, in capital letters to avoid errors. And, doctors are also asked to give generic names of medicines.
However,the rule is being violated by even senior doctors.
If one letter is misinterpreted,the medicine will change entirely ,and such errors may cause even the death of patients.
Pharmacists in the city are complaining against the senior doctors ‘Greek and Latin ‘attitude.



When the Medical Council India had proposed the  in 2015 June,the Indian Medical Association (IMA) welcomed it.

Patients have the right to know whether the medicine is generic,as per the new rule.
According to the IMA one  drug has ten odd brands.

The amendment , however doesn’t ask doctors to fine or punishment,if they violate the rule.

This may be the reason for violating the rule.

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