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Top ten oncologists;ASCO lists Dr Naryanankutty Warrier 

Dr E Narayanankutty Warrier, medical director at MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Kozhikode, Kerala has been selected as one of the world’s top 12 oncologists by American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). ASCO is the world’s largest professional organisation for oncologists which keeps high standards for treatment and research in cancer. He is the first Indian to have made it to the list,said anews release from MVR Cancer Center.


“It is the highest professional honor that I have received in my career and I consider it as a recognition for the effort by myself, colleagues and a large number of clinicians involved in practice and research all over India. For a country like India where healthcare is still out of reach for the majority, such recognition adds a lot of confidence, said Dr Warrier.

“Dr Warrier has been instrumental in the setting up of MVRCCRI and the activities are part of his vision. We want our hospital to be the best cancer care institute and research centre in the world, and I am sure that Dr Warrier will lead us there within the next decade, added CN Vijayakrishnan.


One of the fields that were recognized by ASCO was Dr Warrier’s work towards banning tobacco products in Kerala. Dr Warrier said, oral cancer is highly prevalent in India; about 75-80,000 cases are reported every year. The incidences can be contributed to the use of tobacco. It was in 2012 that I started a signature campaign against tobacco products. The sale of tobacco products is banned in Kerala now.”


Taking about his future plans, he said, “ I have a team of dedicated colleagues in MVRCCRI and we are working towards creating a corpus of research that will help in the management and treatment of cancer and also reduce the treatment costs. Our team is also spreading a lot of awareness against cancer as we are getting many patients who have reached critical stages by resorting to unscientific methods of treatment. “

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