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UDF to start agitation against K Railway

MK Muneer MLA and MK Raghavan MP said in a press conference that the UDF would lead a strong agitation against the K Rail project. The UDF delegation will visit the affected areas and will hold a UDF-led stand-in protest on the National Highway on  25th October

“This is a project that will require the complete or partial demolition of more than 3,000 houses in the district alone. MK Muneer MLA  said that the UDF had no objection to the development projects and should take steps to allay the concerns of the people. If a third railway line is built from Mangalore to Thiruvananthapuram, it will be a way to speed up the flow of goods and transport freight. The consensus of the Central and State Governments is required to complete such projects. Kerala’s only railway policy is unscientific at a huge cost. MK Raghavan MP said that the UDF was taking the political responsibility to stand with  thousands of people who were being evicted from the streets. These figures should also be examined. He also demanded that an all-party meeting be convened with the participation of experts to address the shortcomings in the existing system to control the increase in Covid cases in Kozhikode.

The state government gives priority to election-only campaigns, ignoring the issues of life that seriously affect the people. The UDF is committed to waging a popular agitation against the government and the ruling party.

The leaders added that the UDF was determined to strengthen the people’s resistance, including on local issues, by taking the initiative to expose the shortcomings one by one. DCC President U Rajeevan, UDF District Chairman K Balanarayanan, KPCC Vice President Adv T Siddique, General Secretaries N Subramanian and Adv Praveen Kumar were present at the press conference.

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