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Nature tells it’s Onam

Onam is here,tells the Nature.When we look around in a rural environment,the season is marked up.
What are the things that makes Onam , a special occasion?
Is it flower?Is it butterfly?
Is it bright sun or fresh breeze or what?
Onam is well-drafted everywhere.Sky and earth,day and night,wind and light showers tell it.

Nature in this month of Chingam seems to be brighter with small and beautiful flowers, humming butterflies in every garden. The golden rays of sun are essentially a pleasant experience for Kerala folks.
‘Atham veluthal Onam Karukkum’
‘If Atham is bright, Onam day will be rainy and dark. ‘This is an old adage in Malayalam.
As the age goes, the word became stronger every year.
It means if the first day of Thiruvonam festival;Atham is sunny day, the tenth day ;Thiruvonam would be a dark day with showers.
Most often this old saying turned to be true.
Even if many traditional Onam elements are still there in our surroundings,Malaylis miss many precious beauties of Nature.

‘Kakkappovu’, a small violet beauty usually found in wet lands and paddy fields are disappeared in many places.
According to senior farmers, it may be due to the over use of pesticides.
Paddy fields are also disappearing due to large number of reclamation and construction works.

Onasadhya, Onakkodi, Onappottan, are some of the traditional mark ups of this festival. Sons of soil are images related with Onam festival. Floral carpets are set around every household. Children are excited to design Pookkalams.
Earlier days, Pookkalam was made by using countryside flowers bloom in the Malayalam month of Chingam.
Here, agrarian concept is being nourished with farm community and their lives based on rural environment based in nature.
People used to love and protect the Nature.
Onathumpy,Onappattu are other attraction of this season.
Small butterflies humming here and there in bright morning days and land on small and beautiful flowers in this season like Thumba poo,Mukkutty and many other varieties which are popular in this season.
Oonjal , a traditional practise during these days is once gaining revived among the youngsters too.
New generation is trying to make this season more vibrantly.
Boat races, swimming contests, and many rural art and games mark the festival season.
The traditional attire, food items, and games, music and fun-filled activities during this festival create a nostalgic treat to every Keralite across the globe.
Totally, Onam has been a festival to celebrate an old concept of equality, harmony and prosperity, to Keralites all over the world.

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