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Viral fever;’Don’t be panic’-DMO says Control room opens-0495-2376063

Kozhikode District Medical Officer (DMO) Dr.V.Jayasree has issued a notice to the public requesting them to be free of panic in the recently reported viral fever at Perambra in Kozhikode. Three members in a family died as the result of unknown contagious virus attack.


  • Health department has confirmed that the deadly virus is not spreading through air.
  • It is spread through water and body fluids
  • Keep away from direct contact with affected people.
  • Use mask and glove to personal safety, while attending suspected cases.
  • Don’t eat fruits bitten by bats and other birds
  • Wash mangoes before eating.
  • Don’t drink toddy,collected from open space,especially at places,where many bats are seen.
  • Symptoms:
  • Head ache,fever,cough,encephalitis,vomiting,blurred vision etc.
  • (All the above symptoms may be seen to other viral diseases. Medical examination alone can confirm the NIPAH)

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