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Where were these sectoral magistrates ?




  • News Analysis,Gautham Adiyodi

Kozhikode Collector’s order to take strict action against  those who do not wear masks in public places  is a late decision. Kozhikode has been reporting the largest number of Covid-19 positive cases in Kerala for the last few months.There are huge lapses in curbing the pandemic in the district.

Kozhikode district collector Samba Siva Rao convened  a meeting of sectoral magistrates who deal corona virus pandemic detection and prevention measures.

One of the major decisions taken by the meeting was to implement strict monitoring in public places.

Here,one genuine question comes into my mind is where were these magistrates and district collector when numerous cases of Covid-19 protocol violations , reported in the district?

Since the last local body polls,surge in Covid-19 cases have been reported.Political party campaigns,celebration rallies (without wearing masks and maintaining social distancing)took place in every nook and corner of the district.

Why did the district administration and the officials concerned keep silence on such occasions?

What actions did you take when private buses carried overcrowded passengers in routes like Kozhikode- Kannur?

What actions did you take when people celebrate marriage functions and other gatherings with thousands of people by simply violating all Covid-19 protocols?

Still many such celebrations are going without proper checks by the authorities.

Local bodies in the district are also acting as mute spectators in the case of Covid-19 protocol violations.

When isolated cases reported in the beginning of lock down in the state, the police behaved rudely against people who had genuine reasons to go out such as buying emergency medicines

and groceries. Did the same police stop their actions?

Another important matter to be discussed is the duty of polling staff,deployed through out the district.In the recent local body poll,how many officials contracted Covid-19?

As per an independent study,there are hundreds of newly reported cases among polling staff,deployed at various locations in the district.

There were many cases of overcrowded polling material distribution and receiving centers.Social distancing norms were simply violated.Many officials had to wait in long queues for long  hours at crowded centers.Polling arrangements in some booths also reported lapse in Covid-19 protocol.

The district administration must review its past  failures immediately and work out action plans.

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