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Woman need not rule over man-Dr.Khadeeja Mumtaz

Writer and Kerala Sahithya Academy vice president  Dr. Khadeeja Mumtaz today said that woman need not rule over man.Similarly,oppressed class in the yesteryear should not rein upper-class community.

Instead,she urged to democratise all aspects of social life,including writing.

Dalit and feminist writing opens a space for democracy.

Woman’s love,motherhood,physique,financial life,and creativity are dominated by male and such frustrations are expressed in woman writing, Woman longs equality in love also.

Unfortunately,we have male dominance and power,not mutual respect ,since ages.

She was speaking on Ezhuthinte varthamanangal (Dialogues on writing) ,a lecture series program at Calicut University.

Registrar Dr.T.A.Abdul Majeed inaugurated the lecture series. Dr.T.A.Abdul Azeez presided over the function.M.V.Sakaria,V.Shaji,Hyrunnisa spoke.

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