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Yellow alert for Kozhikode on July 6 and 7

Yellow alert for the district today and tomorrow (July 6 and 7)
The Central Meteorological Department has announced a yellow alert in Kozhikode district today and tomorrow. Heavy rainfall is forecasted. In isolated places, the rain can measure from 64.5 mm to 115.5mm.
The yellow alert is meant to alert the public and concerned officials to look into the situation.
Those who live in areas prone to floods and landslides, especially those who live near rivers, should take special precautions in case of strong winds and rain. Coastal residents who are prone to sea attacks should also be cautions.
One should also look out for the dangers posed by the uprooting of trees and the collapsing of electrical posts.
The State Disaster Response Authority’s Orange Book 2020 explains how to prepare for yellow alert districts and how to be alert. It is available at
Precautions to be taken during heavy wind and precautions to be taken during heavy thunder and lightning as issued by the State Disaster Response Authority are available at the following links:
These Informations can also be found on the disaster response authority’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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