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“Yoga is a symbol of the universal aspiration for health and well-being.”-PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said Yoga is a symbol of the universal aspiration for health and well-being.
Modi’s quotes on Yoga are getting popular on social media and mainstream media at the time of celebrating the International Yoga Day on June 21.

The PM’s other popular quotes on Yoga are:
“Yoga reflects universal the shared global desire for balance between human and Mother Nature.”
“Across the world,there are moving stories of transformed lives and rekindled hopes due to Yoga.”


“Yoga is now a global heritage; world is embracing traditional Indian medicine with great enthusiasm.”
“On June 21,more than a million people in 192 countries come together to celebrate first international Yoga Day.”

Children of Silver Hills CMI Public School taking rehearsal ahead of International Yoga Day celebrations .


Yoga tips


How to practice Yoga ?
Yoga tips from experts
Ohm ohmohm
Sahana vavathu, sahanou Bhunaktu
Sahaveeryam karavavahai
tejaswinaa Vadhitamastu
Om shanthi… shanthi…. Shanthi hi
Meaning—Let us be together, Let us eat together, Let us produce the energy together, Let there be no
limit to our energies, let there be no ill feeling among us, om, peace, peace, peace
( compering)

Steps: sit in Padmasana, keep the hands in Chin mudra ( hold the thumb and index finger together

without exerting any pressure, keep the three extended fingers as straight as possible, hands can be

placed on the thighs facing upward)

keep the spine erect and your neck and head straight

eyes should be closed

relax the muscles of the body

1. NadiShudhi Pranayama: means the purification of the invisible energy channels and helps to

improve the overall physical and mental health of a person This breathing exercise controls

and balances the breath, gives energy, refreshment, clears mind and enriches the soul.

Steps: keep the left hand in chin mudra and with the right thumb close the right nostril and inhale

through the left nostril. Take as much as air from out and fill your lungs with fresh air and gently close

the left nostril with ring finger and breath out through the right.

Inhale through the right nostril by closing the left with ring finger and release the breath through the

left. Continue the breathing and complete 3 cycles.

2. Bhastrika: Among several benefits, bhastrika increases the oxygen content in the blood. It

removes blockages in the nose and chest, removes inflammation of the throat and

improves appetite.

steps: be seated in Padmasana

inhale forcefully through both nostrils

make sure you fill your lungs with air, as much as possible

once you inhale fully, exhale with great force making a hissing sound

repeat this Asana thrice.

Here it is better to give them repeat instruction, rather than asking them to repeat it thrice.

3. Bhramari : calms the nerves and reduces tension, anxiety, anger and frustrations.

Bhramari also gives you a good voice. the exhalation in this pranayama resembles the typical

humming sound of a bee

Steps: sit up straight with your eyes closed. Keep a gentle smile on your face.

place the index fingers inside your ears

take a deep breath in and as you breath out make a loud humming sound like a bee

Breath in again and continue the same pattern for 3 times (same as earlier)

“keep your eyes closed for sometime and observe the sensation in the brain and calmness with in.”

Open your eyes


For the next Asanas you have to rise from your sitting position. Listen to the instructions that follow and

do accordingly.

4. ParsvaTrikonasana: The pose is known to benefit the lower half of the body, building

strength, especially in the legs and the feet. It can also improve flexibility in both the

lower and the upper halves of the body.

Steps: keep the position.

Ok, you can fill this tomorrow. (your sms refers)

5. Veerabhadrasana: This pose strengthens and tones the arms, legs and lower back,

improves balance in the body, helps increase stamina

steps: Take the position and turn towards the left

Keep the left leg back and stretch it as much as possible and bend your right knee

Stretch your arms and touch the palm together (please make this clearer)

Bend your head back, eyes to face the hands

Repeat this Asana for 3 times (same as earlier)

6. Utkadasan: Utkadasana strengthens the thighs, butt, hips, mid and low back and increases

flexibility throughout the spine. It also tones the internal organs, including the kidneys

and digestive organs.


steps: stand erect with your feet slightly apart

Stretch your hands and keep it parallel to the ground with palms facing downward

Bend the knees and gently push the pelvis down as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair

Repeat the same thrice (same as earlier)

Now again in Padmasana. Close your eyes for a few seconds and feel the calmness within you.

courtesy: Silver Hills CMI Public School

Yoga tips:Anil Kumar and Kavitha Satheesh,well-known Yoga practitioners.




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