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Young man lived for six months with a dental cap in his lung

 Doctors at Aster Medicity have successfully removed a dental cap that got  stuck in a patient’s lungs.  Vinoj, 43, a resident of Kongorpilli, was rushed to Aster Medicity,Kochi  in critical condition with severe cough and shortness of breath. The dental cap was removed by a medical team led by Praveen Valsalan,Lead Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine.

Six months ago, Vinoj experienced a persistent cough and difficulty breathing. He was treated by various doctors but to no avail. He was later admitted to the Pulmonary Medicine Department at Aster Medical City when it turned into pneumonia. Preliminary examination revealed that the cough and difficulty in breathing were due to the accumulation of caffeine and pneumonia in the lungs.

The CT scan revealed that endoscopy was prescribed when it was suspected that something was trapped in the patient’s lungs. Praveen Valsalan said. Endoscopy revealed that the dental cap was stuck in the lung.

This was the cause of the cough and pneumonia. Praveen Valsalan said. The cap was then removed by bronchoscopy performed by a medical team led by him. Vinoj was discharged from the hospital a few days later after fully recovering. If the dental cap had not been removed then the patient’s life would have been in danger. Praveen Valsalan clarified.

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